Stephan Baer
Islands of the Orient
Stephan Baer
Islands of the Orient © 1999

With this release Stephan Baer takes us on a journey through the islands of Southeast Asia. The voices of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan mesh with modern grooves of assorted drums and percussion. Gongs, bells, flutes and various string instruments entice the listener with enchanting melodies.

Islands of the Orient contains 10 compositions with a total playing time of 51:02

1) Coast of Bali (7:29)
2) Mari (Paradise Lost) (4:55)
3) Bamboo Forest (5:58)
4) Manju (6:02)
5) Angel of Mercy (5:03)
6) New Frontier (3:51)
7) Java (3:05)
8) Islands of the Orient (4:56)
9) Waterlilly Island (4:09)
10) Bay of Bengal (5:06)
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