Seven Seas
Stephan Baer
Seven Seas © 2001

The calming serenity of the sea is represented here with seven songs
of The Seven Seas. Organic exotic grooves of world percussion set the tone
for various flutes, harps, atmospheric guitars and ambient synth textures.
The many voices of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean are all connected
via the ebb and flow of the sea.

Seven Seas contains 7 compositions with a total playing time of 48:03

1) Dead Calm (7:26)
2) Caribbean Dream (6:22)
3) China Sea (6:24)
4) Winds of the Arctic (5:29)
5) Return To Atlantis (8:40)
6) Water of Life (7:26)
7) Sea of Tranquillity (6:14)
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