Jim McGrath
Soul Dancer ©1997

With his third solo release Jim McGrath continues to break new ground in capturing the spiritual essence of ancient and modern tribal rhythms. With a natural and pure approach to recording, McGrath combines drums and percussion instruments from all over the world, creating a tribal-ambience that calls the listener down to the beating heart of the earth.
The angelic, haunting voices from Ireland, South America and Africa pulse with the beat of the African Talking Drum, Djembe, and Djun Djun the Mid Eastern Dumbec, Tar, Rik and Darabouka, The Irish Bodhran, The Morrocan Bendir, Cuban Congas and Bongos, Peruvian Cajons, Water Drums, Rainsticks and an assortment of Bells, Shakers and Chimes, as well as many of McGrath's own unique creations.

Featured Vocalists:
Maireid Sullivan
Ijeoma Njaka
Lily De La Mora
Soul Dancer contains 5 compositions ranging from 11 minutes long to 16 minutes long for a total of 66:21 *(cassette 60 minutes)
1) Soul Dancer (11:30)
2) Mirage (10:48)
3) Rhythm Journey (16:06)
4) Sacred Earth (12:48)
5) Seventh Trance (15:09)
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