Beyond Borders ©1997

Reaching beyond borders, drawing from the furthest corners of the globe, diverse cultures unite in a global celebration.
Uplifting rhythms from Africa, The Caribbean Islands, India, and China, are complimented with The voices of Nigerian Choirs, Cantonese and Thai opera singers, Zulu grunt rhythms, and a Thai poet. soprano sax, flutes, penny whistle, piano, bass guitar, sitar, synthesizers and drums, mix contemporary grooves and melodies creating a unique world groove debut from Rapture.

Beyond Borders contains 10 compositions with a total playing time of 54:12

1) Daily Bread
2) Rain Dance
3) Djembe Dance
4) Trance Alleluia
5) Flute of Eros
6) Dara Dance
7) Anthem
8) Ocean of Joy
9) O ba la ba la
10) Africa
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