"World Of Rhythm" is the first compilation release from Talking Drum Records featuring: Jim McGrath, Stephan Baer and Rapture.

If you are not familiar with these artists this is an excellent sample of what Talking Drum is all about.
And if you already have some or all of our releases, this is a great disc featuring the best of Talking Drum.

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World of Rhythm
World of Rhythm TDCD-80107

Rapture /Beyond Borders
1) Daily Bread (5:03)
2) Ocean of Joy (4:04)

Stephan Baer/Across Distant Lands
3) Najongo (3:46)
4) Call of the Monsoon (6:35)

Stephan Baer/The Dark Frontier
5) Mwari (initiation) (4:20)
6) Mawalo's Death (3:51)

Jim McGrath/Soul Dancer
7) Soul Dancer (11:30)

Jim McGrath/Drum Spirit
8) Bongo Fury (6:55)
9) Tar Groove (8:21)

Jim McGrath/Percussive Environments

10) Liquid Calm (15:00)

total playing time (69:41)

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Alternative Music Press
Talking Drum / World of Rhythm

Drummer, multi-percussionist, and sculptor, Jim McGrath has established his label, Talking Drum Records, as one of America's leading world music/ percussion based labels. Talking Drum Records has released seven very impressive albums including this compilation. 'World of Rhythm' is a wonderful sampling from the six previous discs, and a great introduction to this top notch label. The album begins with two cuts from World Groove artists Rapture. The
first cut,'Daily Bread' is a Mid-Eastern flavored uptempo piece with vocals similar to those heard in modern Arabic dance, driving synth melodies, and solid bass from Randy Tico. It is followed by lively African chants and exotic percussion in the joyous " 'Ocean of Joy' a mixture of harmonies similar to Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the energy of Salif Keita. We then get a sampling of two Stephan Baer albums, 'Across Distant Lands', and 'The Dark Frontier'. There are two songs from each album. The music is a passionate travelogue of
musical styles and influences from various cultures with a strong African influence on most of the vocals. Baer does a wonderful job of fusing diverse elements into a style that is at once eclectic and yet unified by a sense of passion and playfulness. There are many mood changes both within and between the compositions. And next Jim McGrath is featured with four songs from three albums, 'Soul Dancer', 'Drum Spirit', and 'Percussive Environments'. Jim's music in it's own unique way, is an invitation to the inner dance of life. The drums and their shifting rhythms transport listeners through a variety of moods. It is an auditory landscape of ritual sounds and intense trance inducing rhythms. The pieces are long gradually unfolding conversations of rhythm, ranging from 6 minutes to 15 minutes long. McGrath is a talented sonic architect who produces powerful music which stirs the imagination and moves the soul. He drives each piece with his mesmerizing percussion, creating upbeat and exciting artistry within a delicate balance of traditional and inventive structures.

"This is without a doubt one of the best compilations I've heard in a long time. highly recommended!

Review by Ben Kettlewell Alternative Music Press 


New Age Retailer & The Monthly Aspectarian
Talking Drum / World of Rhythm


Jim McGrath, Rapture, Stephan Baer, more - World of Rhythm (Talking Drum)

The hottest and most progressive worldbeat rhythms of Talking Drum Records' artists form an exciting exploration into the panoramic ambient possibilities of percussion. In addition to the enticing sounds of Chinese dragon drums, Caribbean congas, Morrocan bendir, Irish bodhran and African djembe, the music features unusual vocal stylings such as Brazilian tongue thrumming, Cantonese diva operatics, and female Indian kanada. On several tracks, ethnic instruments meld with unique, experimental instrumentation crafted by McGrath himself. Also, in contrast to most drumming records (which are usually simplistic), these selections are characterized by complex, intricate arrangements for a wealth of percussion instruments and voice. For example, "Daily Bread" features Latin text, Indian alaap rhythms, Chinese and Hindi singers for a surreally attractive sound.

Review by PJ Birosik


NAPRA Review
Talking Drum / World of Rhythm

One of my favorite drum labels offers this compilation of its three major artists as an excellent introduction to this small indie record company out of Los Angeles. While all selections feature percussion, they are by no means limited to it. For example,"Daily Bread" by Rapture showcases Caribbean congas and Chinese Dragon drums, but infuses Indian-Kanada style vocals into a seething texture of synth. "Call of the Monsoon" by Stephan Baer uses African and Native American-style percussion, Indian female vocals, and a synth to evoke the mood of a three month rainy season. Talking Drum founder Jim McGrath contributes four cuts from his three solo releases. He does not use synthsizers, and while the fullness he achieves seems impossible without it, it is his creativity with percussive fusion that is most amazing. In "Tar Groove" from Drum Spirit he successfully combines Irish bodhran, Moroccan bendir, Pakistani doumbec, Peruvian cowhoof rattles, Malaysian palmleaf rattles, Turkish darbooka, Indian anklebells, Nigerian talking drum, Senegalese djembe, and the list keeps going!

Review by--Peggy Randall--


Omega Review
Talking Drum / World of Rhythm

This compilation of Talking Drum artists features some of the most impressive world beat compositions ever to grace a single CD. Strong rhythms form a solid foundation for each selection, and diverse instrumentaton-both contemporary and ethnic-carry the listener on the wings of song to the furthest corners of the globe. Featuring world groove artists Rapture, drummer/percussionist Jim McGrath and percussionist/composer Stephan Baer, World of Rhythm is highly recommended to all lovers of World Beat music.

Review by --Robert Walmsley--


Cyber Drum

Talking Drum / World of Rhythm

"World of Rhythm" is a compilation of Talking Drum artists Jim McGrath, Stephan Baer, and the group Rapture. To those of us unfamiliar with these wonderful artists, this CD provides the perfect introduction to the Talking Drum series. Talking Drum Records lends itself to the drummers of the New Age, and captures the pulse of today's creative drummers and percussionists with a wide selection of worldly grooves. Blending the voices of a number of rhythmic instruments and drawing on cultures from around the world, "World of Rhythm" offers an entrancing selection of exotic compositions that seem to penetrate the heart and soul of the earth.

"World of Rhythm" opens with Rapture's 'Daily Bread', a smooth and melodic groove with beautiful changes. The composition beckons you to the Dance, with a subtle and provocative rhythm underscoring a haunting and uplifting theme. This is followed by Rapture's 'Ocean of Joy', a sea of 'measureless qualities' and bliss to allow you to relax with the tide. Artist and percussionist Stephen Baer follows, with 'Najongo', 'Call of the Monsoon', 'Mwari (initiation)', and 'Mawalo's Death', exotic rhythms and melodies to release the mind and stir the soul. 'Call of the Monsoon' is a forlorn sojourn into a land filled with the spirit of nature in all Her unpredictability. 'Mwari (initiation)' captures the mystery of a ritual steeped in primordial history, with all it's secrecy intact. Stephen Baer seems frighteningly in touch with the ancient gods of the earth and skies. Each of his scores is a study in the interaction of exotic percussive instruments, and the art of releasing the self in one's work.

Drummer/percussionist Jim McGrath rounds out the record with the final four cuts featuring his unique and heavy drumming abilities. 'Soul Dancer' is a drum groove saturated with soul. Thick with atmosphere, the score achieves what it's title suggests will happen. McGrath is perhaps the most "earthy" of the artists involved with this record. 'Bongo Fury' conjures images of painted warriors, fire-walkers, and the medicine man, each celebrating the coming of rain, the abundance of the harvest, or perhaps the anticipation of the hunt. McGrath's scores provide wings to the imagination, and an appreciation for the ritual(s) of lesser known cultures of the world. (Not to mention an appreciation for the power and magic of the drum.) 'Liquid Calm' is the last cut on the disk, and a soothing opportunity for one to acknowledge the stillness of the lake, the flow of the river, the fluidity of life. Be at peace. The rhythm of life can guide you.

"World of Rhythm" is a magnificent collection of rhythms honoring the essence of life, as presented by these gifted artists and musicians. The celebration of the drum in all its power and spiritualness has truly been captured by each of these artists in their own unique way. Do take the opportunity to explore any of the Talking Drum Records releases. The experience will be both mesmerizing and uplifting, and may perhaps provide an intimate occasion to appreciate the joys of life. Strongly recommended for all people who live and dance on the planet Earth.

Review by --M. Montalbano--