Jim McGrath

With his second solo release Drum Spirit , McGrath captures the spiritual essence of drumming and blends the exotic drums and percussion of Africa, Cuba, Brazil, America, Tibet, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Austrailia, Peru, and the Phillipines.
Ethereal female chanting, celebrates and dances with the voices of drums, creating a cross cultural texture of rhythm that truly defines World Beat.

Featured Vocalists:
Ijeoma Njaka
Lily De La Mora
Drum Spirit contains 10 compositions with a total playing time of 67:15.*(cassette 60 minutes)
Drum Spirit is mastered so that each piece blends into the next, the first track starts where the last track ends, creating an endless loop of exotic rhythms if the disc is put into repeat mode.
1) In The Garden Of Eden (10:45)
2) Tar Groove (8:21)
3) Kubing Trance (7:26)
4) Hey (1:42)
5) Shiva Medussa (5:16)
6) Djembe Ocean (2:32)
7) Dancer's Call (Guaguanco) (8:12)
8) Bongo Fury (6:55)
9) Invoking Shiva (5:10)
10) Night Flight (10:54)
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