Moussa Traoré DAKAN
Moussa Traoré
Dakan © 2004

Born and raised in Mali, West Africa, Master Drummer Moussa Traoré has dedicated his life to learnining the rhythms and songs of his country. He has been playing the jembe for the past 27 years and has achieved great recognition throughout Mali as a gifted musician in the theater, in traditional ceremonies as well as in the Malian pop scene.

Mali Foli (translation: rhythm of Mali) Dakan (translation: destiny) is the second release of this accomplihed jembefola featurimg a talented ensemble of musicians and singers recorded in Mali.

Dakan contains 10 compositions ranging from 6 minutes long to 10 minutes long for a total of 59:00 *(available on CD only)
1) Tissamba
2) Dansa
3) Dogon
4) Sogonikou
5) Banzani
6) Didadi
7) Soli
8) Djaoura
9) Tounkaranké
10) Farafoli
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