Stephan Baer
The Dark Frontier ©1997

The Irresistible power of the drums call the listener to celebrate and travel on a sonic sojourn throughout the continent of Africa. Sophisticated compositions of extraordinary drumming and percussion provide a deep, rich, earthy backdrop for African singing and chanting. Flutes, Marimbas, Kalimbas, Balafons and Synthesizers, sweeten the rhythms with enchanting melodies.
The Dark Frontier represents percussionist/composer Stephan Baer's memories, visions, and passions of Africa and is an excellent compliment to his previous release Across Distant Lands.
The Dark Frontier contains 10 compositions with a total playing time of 51:36

1) Spirit of Aisha (7:24)
2) Sacred River (6:21)
3) The Ceremony (8:04)
4) Lawango (3:20)
5) Nemo's Island (6:10)
6) The Confrontation (4:26)
7) Mawalo"s Death (3:51)
8) Black Lagoon (6:35)
9) Mwari (initiation) (4:20)
10)Beyond the Dark Frontier (:53)
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