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Jim McGrath

In suit with Jim McGrath's previous 3 releases Passport features deep exotic grooves composed of various drum and percussion instruments from McGrath's extensive collection. The rhythms are complemented by a diverse collective of eclectic musicians, featuring: Hurdy Gurdy, Senegalese Kora, Syrian Violin, Mbira, Kalimba, Flamenco Guitar, Cello, Upright Bass, Harmonic Droning and Malian Vocals.

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Passport contains 7 compositions with a total playing time of 46:53
1) Yaburu (4:53)
2) Kora Kora (6:56)
3) Sambenco(6:54)
4) Gypsy Serenade (6:53)
5) Desert Moon (6:39)
6) Eternal Twilight(7:14)
7) The Seventh Veil (7:03)
James August: Guitar
Darrell "Congo" Greer: Congas
Badially Cissoko: Kora and Vocals
George Hamad: Violin
Fred Hammon: Upright Bass
Ethan James: Hurdy Gurdy
Fatou Keita: Vocals
Shaba Manuna: Percussion and Vocals
Michael McDonnell: Guitar
Jim McGrath: Drums & Percussion
Daryl S: Violin
Assitan "Tata" Sangaré: Vocals
Gerri Sutyak: Cello
Shannon Michael Terry: Mbira, Kalimba,Harmonic Vocals
Yussi: Flamenco Guitar

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